Saturday, 14 May 2016

A Bad Investment Turned Into A Propaganda Victory

During the Annual General Meeting of March 2016, a unit owner well known for his blind support of every decision made by The Board, stood up and extolled the advantages of an antenna installed on the roof of our building that provides free access to a dozen of US and Canadian TV channels. Due to a selective amnesia, he forgot to mention that while a unit owner can capture the channels for free, the antenna was acquired by The Board for more than $10.000.

Prior to the purchase of the antenna, the supplier made a demonstration and lectured dozens of owners gathered in the same location where annual meetings take place. 90% of unit owners who attended the
demonstration told openly the supplier and The Board that the antenna is totally incompatible with their TV viewing habits and preferences, and The Board should not purchase something that does not serve in any way or manner “The Common Good” or provides a minuscule return for the considerable amount of money invested in it.

For some strange reasons that no unit owner managed to understand, and despite the objections of owners, The Board purchased the antenna unit, and after several years of minimal use of the antenna by a handful of residents, decision makers distorted the facts to turn a bad investment into a propaganda stunt by projecting the image that The Board is offering to unit owners a free service.

True the service is free, but the equipment needed to provide the service did cost the building more than $10.000, and any unit owner who plans to shower with flowers Board members for a job well done at the next annual general meeting, should study the facts and the circumstances of a specific project before extolling the virtues of bad investments.
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