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We Are Committed To Your Safety, But...

Many unit owners who park their cars on P2-Bloc C have conveyed to me, during the last few months, the horrible experience they had with drivers exiting P3 and making wide turns to access the exit ramp on P2. Accident were narrowly missed because of the extra vigilance exercised by P2 drivers, who  developed a strong familiarity with the potential risks of accidents that might be triggered by unruly drivers from the lower levels of the underground parking lot, who think the traffic direction has been deregulated, ever since a contractor hired by the management office defaced the yellow lines and arrows while doing repair and warranty work in the different zones of the underground parking lot.

On November 30, 2014 the following email reproduced in full was sent to the assistant manager:
 Dear Sir,
A few months ago a contractor hired to fix the floor/ramps of the underground parking defaced the yellow signs/arrows that direct the traffic from P3 to the exit door located on P2. Drivers coming from P3 are making wide turns cutting off P2 drivers trying to use the exit door. On two occasions during the last two months I had ugly encounters with drivers who thought that traffic was deregulated and made wide turns that were very close to triggering an accident.
Do you know when the yellow signs will be restored to reinforce the message that the traffic from P3 to P2 has not been deregulated and the law of the jungle rules supreme?
Any info you may provide will be highly appreciated.

The following reply was received on 1 Dec. 2014:
Good morning,
There are plans to re-paint the traffic lines in the repaired areas once weather permits.  The reason for the delay was that there were some areas that required further work under warranty prior to being able to complete the painting.
Assistant Property Manager

Thirteen months after the reply of the assistant manager, a new attempt was made to contact The Senior Property Manager, after I was personally involved in a near miss with a driver trying to access the exit ramp from P3, and with his small sedan decided to make a wide turn and cut me off with an air of nonchalance as if he has some sort of an entitlement to endanger someone else’s life with the disappearance of the yellow lines directing the traffic flow. A shouting match ensued, one finger salutes were exchanged, I allowed him to finish his maneuver and thus further escalation was avoided by giving him a chance to exit first.

The following is the text of the email forwarded to the Senior Property Manager on January 04, 2016:
During 2015, the work of a contractor was placed on hold to reinforce the message that there will be no compromise with the safety of drivers exiting the lower levels of the underground parking lot while work crews are doing warranty related repairs. The contractor was allowed to complete the project only after he complied with The JMC’s (Joint Management Committee-Not the real name) insistence that proper signs and traffic lights must be introduced prior to resuming any activity.
At the end of Nov.2014 I delivered to the attention of The Assistant Manager (see email below this text) the problem we are encountering when trying to access the exit ramp on P2. Well over a year after the request was made, the signs have not been painted to direct the traffic and lately I had a very bad encounter with a driver who made a wide turn from P3 to access the exit ramp, and the lack of common sense led to an angry exchange of a one finger salute between neighbors.
At your convenience, please advise when the signs will be painted back, and why The JMC’s concern with traffic safety is limited to the time frame where a repair project is implemented, but safety becomes a non-existent issue after the completion of the project, though it leaves The JMC (not the real name) vulnerable to lawsuits for allowing a contractor to deface safety signs and not making any effort to have them restored well after the contractor left the scene.
Kind Regards

The next day after a vehement defense of the JMC’s position, the Senior Property Manager indicated that the restoration of the traffic directing yellow lines “… will be completed in spring, when weather permits.” 
What is very puzzling in the big picture of this fiasco is the fact that the two management experts who were contacted for a solution, never heard about the existence of “Pavement Marking Tape”. A solution that can be adopted to restore the yellow lines directing the traffic, without any dependency on weather conditions, with very little disruption, and accomplished at a fraction of the cost of painting the lines (approx. $1000).
Here allow me to clarify that the previously suggested solution is not based on a personal whim, but on the following technical details of the manufacturer and distributor of the “Pavement Marking Tape”:

“Painting is messy and requires a lot of tools and equipment, plus it does not last very long when compared to pavement marking tape. Another advantage of using pavement marking tape is that there is no downtime. When painting lots, one always has to consider the inconvenience of the area being closed while the paint dries. Pavement marking tape eliminates this downtime, which makes property owners happy.  
Our pavement marking tape is designed to mark asphalt or concrete parking lots. Our 4" x 150' parking lot striping tape is reflective and anti-skid, and comes in four highly visible colors. This durable tape is easy to install and requires no special equipment. Pavement marking tape is typically 15 times thicker than normal parking lot paint and features an aggressive, anti-slip, top coating which prevents accidents. The pavement marking tape's proprietary adhesive and reflective top coating ensure that the lines will remain in place and be highly visible for years.” 

In other words, Management and The JMC (not the real name), are trying to convince us that our safety is a primordial concern, but it is a concern that will be addressed only when weather conditions are ideal. For some reason, no one knows why a cheaper alternative solution (Marking Tapes), totally non-dependent on weather conditions was not considered to prevent accidents. I don’t think financial considerations play a role, because our own Board of Directors with 2 members sitting also on The JMC’s Board, spend 2 years ago approximately $40.000 on a decoration project of the ground floor. Paintings and other decorative ornaments were purchased mostly from the same interior decorator who planned the improvements. If you have $40.000 to waste on decoration, can’t you invest $1000 to prevent accidents between cars approaching the exit ramps from the different levels of the underground parking lot?????

You decide how efficiently decision makers (Board & Management) are addressing our safety concerns.

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