Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bicycles More Important Than Human Life

Letter reproduced below was emailed to the supervisor of our Senior Property Manager to highlight the double standards used in the process of dealing with bicycles theft in the complex and addressing the death threat the administrator of this blog was exposed to a few weeks ago. You shape your own conclusions.
Dear Madam,

On Friday June 16/17 I discovered in the underground parking lot of our condominium (P2 section C69) a death threat “MOVE OR DIE” with a bullet attached to it left on my car’s windshield. I notified the Police immediately and an investigation was launched by PC …. (Badge#.....) File# ………8. 

Officer C….. went with me to the underground parking lot, made an assessment of the entrances and exits connected to Section C, spoke with her superior and a decision was made to send the note and the bullet attached for forensic analysis. She went also to "The Gatehouse" of the complex to review any surveillance tape that may lead to a suspect.

It is hard to accept at face value the argument that the “Gatehouse Team” failed to notify The RSO about the police presence in the complex, or refrained totally from reporting the death threat incident to the Senior Property Manager.

In the past, especially with the all the complications we had with the garbage compactor, and despite seeking at the rate of 2 to 3 times a week the intervention of The Gatehouse to shut off the compactor due to a faulty sensor that was switching the machine to a non-stop continuous operational mode for hours, it took The RSO about 12 months to act and seek a solution from the manufacturer of the compactor. The RSO argued that none of the incidents were reported by The Gatehouse. The Gatehouse insisted that every incident was reported, and no one in a position of power bothered to read the reports, or if and when they read it (on rare occasions), a deliberate decision was made to dismiss it as a very trivial complaint that does not deserve any form of intervention.

This same frame of mind, forced senior decision makers of The RSO to refrain from placing notices on “Notice Boards” located near elevators or the mail room, to solicit the help of unit owners who park their cars in P2 C section, who may have seen strangers engaging in questionable activities relevant to the death threat incident. Many unit owners have “Dash Cams” in their cars and a notice could have prompted them to review the stored video clips and report to The Gatehouse or The Police their findings. Unfortunately, the incident was deemed trivial by The RSO and no notices were placed on boards or distributed door-to-door.

But when bicycles were stolen or vandalized, a notice dated July 07, 2017 and titled “Bicycle Theft in Parking Garage”, was distributed door-to-door and posted on several boards to reassure the residents that The RSO and the staff under its supervision, “…are actively investigating these incidents thoroughly reviewing the buildings’ video surveillance footage…Building staff are also on heightened alert.”

It seems that The Senior Property Manager under your supervision did not deem protecting the life of a unit owner worthy of any form of intervention. For her, stolen bicycles are more worthy of her staff’s attention than the life of an owner who, as recently as February 2017 accused her of organizing the most unethical but legal elections during The AGM of 2017.

I am convinced that the moral compass of a person who values bicycles more than a human life is beyond salvation, and you as her supervisor you should consider reassigning her to a location where the majority of unit owners have a strong dose of contempt for human life and value more their earthly material possessions.

Admin “The 215 Forum © 2017  

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